Keeping Fresh:

- Fill your room with the fragrance of lavender by placing your bunch in only 1 inch of water. Remove the elastic band and avoid placing your bunch in a vase that squeezes the stems together as this promotes decay. Fresh lavender can simply be used as a fragrant and beautiful bouquet for up to a week.


- Remove the elastic and spread your fresh lavender out on a table or tea towel to dry out the stems for about an hour, or until stems feel dry. Re-bunch with the elastic and attach a paper clip or string to hang upside down in a dark place such as a pantry or closet. In about 1 week, your bunch will be completely dry and can be placed in a vase or stripped for the buds. If kept out of direct sunlight, your dried bunch will keep its purple colour and scent for years.

Fresh, then Dried:

- Want the best of both worlds? Keep your fresh bunch in only 1 inch of water for up to 5 days. Longer may cause stem rot when drying. When ready to dry, cut off the section of stems that was in the water and follow the drying instructions above. Enjoy!